We developed the First Aid Health Check to guide best practice. The modern workplace requires leaders to make safety and the wellbeing of its people a key focus. First Aid can be complex and difficult to navigate, so we’ve cherry picked the most critical aspects to create a quick guide for you. It clearly identifies any gaps for improvement within your current First Aid training and practices. It’s a proven way of identifying and preventing First Aid related risks.

Benefits of completing the First Aid Health Check

  • It’s free and only takes 10 minutes to complete
  • To show your people that safety and well-being is a high priority within the organisation
  • To provide guidance on how to create a safe and legally compliant workplace regarding First Aid
  • To proactively reduce Workcover costs and risks by aiming to resolve injuries effectively in the critical moments when they occur
  • To proactively identify procedural and system gaps to mitigate First Aid related risks
  • To save money by reducing exposure to breaches and fines from safety regulators
  • To clarity the difference between First Aid legal compliance (must have) and recommended best practice (nice to have)

Risks of neglecting First Aid training and practices

  • Significant compliance exposures with potential financial penalties from safety regulators
  • A reactive workplace resulting in the increased severity of injuries and the subsequent loss of productive time
  • Uncertainty and confusion in dealing with medical situations in the workplace, creating potential stress and trauma to your people
  • Higher Workcover costs from the mishandling of incidents in the workplace
  • Effective First Aid responses will be left to chance and good luck
  • Sending a message to your people that their safety and well-being is a low priority within the organisation

Please note this First Aid Health Check is a quick guide only and does not represent a complete audit of your first aid systems. We also rely upon the information you provide to us being as accurate as possible. Please contact us if you require a more extensive and detailed First Aid audit conducted (additional costs apply).


How do I receive the results?

The results are presented to you in summary format which can be shared via a URL.

Is the data kept private?

We don’t track or monitor your usage. The only results we see are what you email to us unless you specifically request it. You are not required to submit your email address or any personal information prior to completing it.