O’Brien Carrum Downs

O’Brien Electrical is a leading electrical contractor in Carrum Downs providing a diverse range of domestic, industrial and commercial services. They ensure consistent national pricing, high service standards and highly skilled electricians.

Website: https://www.obrien.com.au/members/electrical-carrum-downs/

The challenge

The team required first aid training delivered on site and relevant to electrical work. Due to the nature of high risk electrical work they must respond efficiently and effectively if an injury occurs in their work place. The team are often working in pairs and sometimes in remote locations.

The team legally require Nationally recognised and valid First Aid Certificates to provide electrical services in certain worksites to be Worksafe compliant. Due to their commitment to the safety and wellbeing of their team, O’Brien Electrical requested all staff to be trained rather than just the minimum compliance requirements.

The solution

In February 2023, Fiona Luxmoore from Your First Aid Team delivered CPR and Workplace First Aid Training to O’Brien Electrical Carrum Downs. The first aid training was delivered to 16 Electricians and Apprentices and specific to the needs of the Electrical Industry.

The training included focusing on cardiac response, electrical shocks, wound care and other relevant first aid responses. The two sessions were delivered in an interesting, engaging, fun and entertaining way. This created a positive learning environment based on adult learning principles. The training included;

  • The use of tech smart manikins to practice real world scenarios to their industry
  • Interactive games
  • First Aid buzz word bingo
  • Prizes and mini competitions throughout the session

Keeping it FUN

Typical first aid training can been seen as a dry and boring experience. Fiona’s passion for first aid and her ability to engage with participants from all walks of life, using real life examples and games makes it a great learning experience. It’s more like a team building exercise. Fiona’s 25+ years of medical training and experience as a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Nursing gives her the confidence to deliver in this unique way.

The knowledge and skills learnt are transferrable to everyday life. Fiona has several examples where participants have saved lives which makes this very rewarding and meaningful work for her.

All participants met the certification requirements and received a Nationally Recognised first aid certificate with CPR valid for 12 months and Workplace First Aid valid for 3 years.

The cost of the course was $180 per person. First Aid Training is GST exempt.

GREAT- loved the buzzers and quiz, helped keep it interesting

Bingo was great

Course was well put together and thought out. Information was great and learnt so much

Very good, very informative

Fiona answered all questions clearly

The involvement of games was very good


Fiona Luxmoore

Principal Facilitator / Training Coordinator
Fiona has over 25 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse and holds a Masters of Advanced Nursing, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. During her career Fiona has been involved in health training for people with varying levels of education, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ethnicity. Fiona’s strengths lie in her broad knowledge and experience with medical conditions, communication, organizational skills and reliability. Fiona has successfully delivered a variety of CPR and First Aid training sessions to many different organizations in a fun and engaging manner which has been greatly received.